Our range of sensors is designed solely for people counting applications and people flow analysis.

They combine in smart packages, HDR video sensors and a processing electronics embedding people counting and flow analysis algorithm.

We provide devices with great accuracy allowing detection of entries and exits without being influenced by objects (trolleys, strollers, luggages, ...) and enumeration of persons in groups.

Free positioning of counting lines and detection areas on the image confer the sensors a great versatility on a large variety of environments.

The whole range of our devices :

FLAT and SPOT packages
3D processing


Cutting edge technology sensor for people flow detection. This sensor is based on stereoscopical principle which allows building a 3D map. Using this depthmap, the sensor detects, tracks and counts people with an accuracy of 99%.

Major features

Stereoscopical technology which measures 4 parameters : Person positions in space (X, Y, Z axis) and their height (H)
99% accuracy
COUNT when a person crosses one of the 4 virtual counting lines
TRACK the path of every person in the field of view
ENUMERATE the number of persons in a specified area
Mounting height up to 6.50 m (several versions available)
Neither environment (sunshine, shadow, object colors) nor strong flows (stagnancy, crowds) influence operation
Several packages available, FLAT prominent mounting, SPOT embedded mounting, WEATHERPROOF outdoor applications

FLAT and SPOT packages


3rd generation people counting sensor from EURECAM company. This sensor relies on image processing based on shape and movement detection to perform people counting. It can achieve a least 95 % accuracy in most case.

Major features

Dedicated image processing technology
95 % accuracy
COUNT when a person crosses one of the 4 virtual counting lines
Mounting height up to 15m
Several packages available, FLAT prominent mounting, SPOT embedded mounting



Sensor for people counting using infrared horizontal beam. The same package includes a transmitter and two receivers, allowing the distinction between entries and exits. Very useful to count visitors coming into a location or the traffic in front of a shop window (for the attraction rate).

Major features

Counting of entries and exits
Interface: Ethernet (with POE supply)
Coverage up to 7m wide
Counting of traffic in the street



Multi function display to get a simple overview of counting data (entries, exits, attendance). It is used to work on the data without dedicated software or to oversee occupancy in your application.

Major features

Various running modes
Interface : Ethernet (with POE suppply)
Compact size : 10cm x 10cm x 2.7cm
Dynamic solution in real time (display, alarm in case of over-occupancy, ...)



Software for people counting data analysis. Its various versions were conceived in order to analyse counting data or to manage real time occupancy. Its user friendly interface is at anybody's level to set in data surveys and export them as a spreadsheet.

Major features

Local / remote surveys
Occupancy management
Multi site
Various versions



Software to control traffic in real time and a posteriori. Multi sensors, multi areas, and customisable to fit in with your requirements. It provides easy management of occupancy of your premises. Its client-server design makes possible to use it from various work stations with advanced administrator management. Its main applications :

Real time occupancy management, with event management
A posteriori data analysis, and reporting

Major features

Unlimited number of sensors
Multi work stations


Integrator Solution (API)

If you have developed your own software, Eurecam provides you with elements to integrate counting data from our device directly to your application.
Contact us for the conditions.

Major features

Use your own application
Easy and fast integration thanks to the developer kit


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