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Why should you count ?

To analyse traffic data
and to make the right decision.

In order to get :

  • the conversion rate of a shop
  • the safe level of occupancy in a gallery
  • the variations of traffic in a shopping centre
  • the justification for investing in a tourists' office

Traffic data are important to enhance the value of a site. They help the operators and their staff to better manage the locations they are responsible for. In as many fields as marketing, commercials, security, reception, maintenance. Thus, you improve the quality of service to the customers and visitors.

Eurecam company

Expert in innovative
people counting solutions.

Since it was created in 2005, EURECAM has been specialised in design and manufacturing of people counting devices for various sites.
All the devices (electronics with on-board intelligence and application software) are designed by our R&D in our premises next to Paris. We are proud our range of products are designed, developed and manufactured in France.
Thanks to our partners network (distributors and specialised integrators), we have more than 5,000 references around the world.
If you are final user, distributor, integrator or prescriber, our experts will lead you in the choice and the implementation of the best suitable solution to fit in your needs.
More information: www.eurecam.net.

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